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Courtesy Ford is proud to serve Sauk City, Wisconsin, the oldest village in the entire state!

Sauk City is a lovely little town that was founded by Agoston Haraszthy, who bought land along the Wisconsin River for its attractive scenery. In fact, Sauk City's original name, "Széptáj," is Hungarian for "beautiful place." It was incorporated in 1854, the first in all of Wisconsin.

In 1914, Sauk City was named "America's Foremost City," but it hasn't grown all that much since. We certainly don't mind at Courtesy Ford. There's a feeling of peace and tranquility in Sauk City that is hard to get anywhere else.

In fact, it's a great place to visit. Dozens of eagles come fish in the waters of the river in the winter, attracting birders from all over the country. Across the river and at any time of the year is the Wollersheim Winery, perfect for wine lovers.

Just a few miles north of town is the old Badger Army Ammunition Plant, which was active during WWII and Vietnam but which is now being returned to nature, a process that has been fascinating to watch over the years.

Then there's Dr. Evermore's Sculpture Park, full of eccentric, larger-than-life steel creations, welded birds and spiders and other animals. Just beyond that is Devil's Lake State Park, an incredible refuge for outdoor lovers with its hundreds of campsites, hiking trails, bike trails, and of course the lake itself.

Yes, for anyone who loves the fresh air and beauty of nature, it's a great thing to be in Sauk City!